Anthony Wiener, Human Spam

What I find most interesting about the Wiener scandal is everyone’s assumption that he should quit the race.  In politics, once you’ve been caught in a lie about your personal life, you typically resign (Lying in your professional life, however, is completely acceptable.)

But Wiener won’t quit the race until the absolute last second.  I’m not suggesting he’s running to redeem himself.  I’m not even suggesting he’s running to fight to regain some shred of dignity, and I’m certainly not suggesting he’s running for some set of issues.

Quite the contrary.  Wiener knew more revelations about his private life would come out — he told the reporters as much when he announced.  Wiener, in fact, wanted those reports to come out.

For Anthony Wiener, running for office is the ultimate sex act.

Which makes us all participants.  Eeek.

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