Narrowcast Channels are Now A Real Business

MediaPost’s Vidlog has an article about Alloy raising $30 million, in large part because of its success creating channels on YouTube, and a large part of that is their most successful channel, Smosh.

Although this sounds like gibberish to most adults, Smosh has over 2 billion views, and nearly 7 million subscribers. What is everyone watching?  Well, by conventional standards, not much: hundreds of 3-5 minute comedy videos with strong branding and really, really bad acting.  And yet it has a much bigger audience than Mad Men.  How can this be?  I think we can make a couple of conclusions:

1) It’s yet another sign of the Apocalypse.

2) If you think about their target demo, teenage boys, this is easy and appropriate content to watch on the phone between classes or on the bus home.

3) There are other niche markets like Smosh that a narrowcast channel could own (but they don’t quite exist yet).



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