One Upping Memoto

There’s a great new product that’s generated serious buzz — Memoto, the lifeblogging camera:

The Memoto camera is a tiny camera and GPS that you clip on and wear. It’s an entirely new kind of digital camera with no controls. Instead, it automatically takes photos as you go. The Memoto app then seamlessly and effortlessly organizes them for you.

Every 30 seconds, it takes a snapshot of what you’re seeing and can store them in the cloud.  You can keep a record of your entire life this way — getting married, seeing your baby’s first steps, going to the bathroom after that burrito — it’s all there.  What could possibly be better?

I have the answer.  It’s a new product out there on the bleeding edge.  I’ve got a working prototype, I just need some more money to productize it, then it can be easily mass produced.  I call it Memetoo.  You see, the great flaw in Memoto is that it only captures what you’re seeing.  That is so much less important than capturing you’re reaction to what you’re seeing. With Memeto, you’re not even in the picture.  With Memetoo, you are the picture!

Memetoo consists of a plastic arm that extends four inches beyond your face.  On the arm is a glass coated with a metal amalgam, that reflects a clear image of your expression.  This way, you will always be able to see your own expressions at any given moment of the day.

Better yet, Memetoo‘s more sophisticated technology provides not mere pictures every thirty seconds, but live streaming at better than 30 fps!  You’ll be able to see your expressions change in real time, 24/7, for the rest of your life.

Pretty great, huh?  There’s no off switch on “genius.”


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