The Important and the Trivial

Washington is currently bogged down in meaningless nonsense about the IRS, the AP investigation and Benghazi — scandals that don’t amount to much.  They are valuable to the Republicans because of exactly that — their meaninglessness.  No one wants to talk about long term debt declining as an economic issue, or the bankruptcy of conservative economic ideas, or the slow motion collapse of the EU, or spending more Federal dollars to expand the economy, or immigration reform.  These are all too complex and too threatening for the Republicans to talk about, so better to talk about nonsense.

Here’s something else we are not paying attention to:

Government troops and supporting militias went house to house, killing entire families and smashing men’s heads with concrete blocks.

Antigovernment activists provided lists of 322 victims they said had been identified. Videos showed at least a dozen dead children. Hundreds more people are reported missing.

This is a quote from the NY Times about what’s going on in Syria.  It’s moved from revolution, to civil war, and now to ethnic cleansing.  The article is about the Syrian government’s forces, but there have also been and will continue to be mass murder of civilians by the Sunni forces as well. How could there not at this point?

This is more than just a human tragedy.  This also indicates that Syria will not be put back together — the hatred has become too deep.  If Syria is divided between Alawite and Sunni, should it also be divided with a section for the Kurds?  the Druze?  What happens to the Christians?  And who will enforce the peace between these borders?

My fear is that Syria is way past saving — and we’ll end up trying to save it anyway.

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