The Value of Paranoia

Paranoia is the ultimate time saver.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an Alex Jones fan.  He was a paranoid conspiracy believer who thought the world was run by the Jews. (Ah, if only…..)  Jones, our most famous paranoid conspiracy theorist,  is convinced that the Boston bombings were a conspiracy of the government, and not two moronic terminal narcissists.

Well, I suppose it’s good that Jones supports his readers.

A rational person might ask why there is so much irrationality, why the ridiculous is so easily believed.  My response is that we’re seeing a variant of Goebbels’ “Big Lie” — it’s easier to believe one big lie than a hundred little ones.  But why believe the Big Lie in the first place?

Even low information voters know that big, often scary changes are happening and it’s all beyond their control.  The conservative ideology many people grew up with — conservative socially and/or conservative politically — is failing all over the place.  It’s simply easier to believe the Big Lie than to question all your assumptions and come up with new conclusions.  People just don’t have the mental bandwidth, much less the will to do it.

It’s much easier to believe that Big Lie and feel reassured that you know “what’s really going on.”



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